Many organisations know how to start their process improvement (with an appraisal and some training) and have a reasonably good idea of what they should attempt to achieve. But then, the consultant who assisted them at the beginning goes away and they start sinking into the details of every day life.

Support, coaching and guidance on a long term basis is one of the specialities of Q:PIT Ltd. The method involves ongoing visits of a few days every six to eight weeks to support the process improvement staff (including quality assurance) and the management team in their effort to improve.

The process check-up helps to review the improvement effort so as to re-direct the effort and ensure the focus is on the long-term benefits because of the short-term pressures.

The objective is to ensure the cultural change that will allow the organization to proceed towards a continuous learning environment which will allow long-term increases of satisfaction of both customers and staff. During the check-up, appraisals, coaching, communication, training, education, support, guidance, audits can and will be conducted as necessary and upon request.