Quality is what differentiates you from your competitors. Quality reduces the amount of testing, rework, corrections and maintenance activities – Quality reduces your costs and your time to market.

Improving the quality of your products and services is largely dependent on improving the efficiency of work practices and processes. This is done through the effective management of change.

Q:PIT Ltd seeks to assist organizations in their effort to improve establish quality-focused practices and processes.

Q:PIT Ltd is a CMMI Partner, delivering training, support and coaching in CMMI for Services, for Development and for Acquisition. However, we do not have a single approach to solve your issues, but focus on clearly understanding your business, your customers, your needs and your culture in order to ensure the careful balance between management and engineering, teamwork and processes, knowledge management and measurements.

(CMMI = Capability Maturity Model Integration is the de-facto global standard in process, quality improvement and measurement for engineering and service delivery. CMMI is a registered trademark of the Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania).